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I joined the site a few weeks ago, but didn't realize I should probably introduce myself. My name is Jesse Steinwand from the Twin Cities, MN. The company I own/operate is Wood Worx Carpentry, Inc. I started this company in 2006 when I thought my boss at the time was screwing me. What an adventure it would turn out to be. At first, I was just working as a sub-contractor doing mostly trim carpentry and a little framing. My background- started out in carpentry back in 2000, working for a construction company doing mostly commercial work (out of town). I quickly learned that wasn't for me. I found a job trimming for a guy. Damn nice houses never the less. I have always been quick to learn and quickly learned that I have a passion for this stuff. Fast forward to 2006. I had been picking up some side jobs and found myself getting fairly busy- No need for that employeer, I thought.

Over the past few years I have changed my scope of work from sub to contractor and a little back and forth. Most of my work is remodeling and additions. Another passion I have is building decks. I have showcased a few of my projects at www dot wood worx carpentry dot com.

The short time I have been on CT, I have enjoyed all I have seen. So thank you to everyone who contributes to the forums.
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Nice intro and WELCOME!
Welcome to CT!
Welcome to CT! I love the Twin Cities area.
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