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New Guy.

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Well, Here I go, this is all kinda new to me, just stumbled into this site. Started looking over it all, and it feels / looks like a great site with a lot of "like minded thinking", Industry Professionals! A little about me; I've been in the Carpentery Trade for 23 years,and in that time I've done many different kinds of work, both Residentual and Commercial. I like what I do, and have had good days and bad, and have made a decent living with it. A long time ago, an old-timer taught me that " you will be allways learning something new , in this trade, and the day you stop learning will be the day they put your pine box in the ground." I've allways remembered that day, and look forward to learning & shareing Information in and about our Construction Industry with you all. Thanks! Big-Bro.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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