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New guy

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Hey everyone, new guy here.
We purchased a clemco blaster and want to do both Mobil and blast at our shop. I know this is a loaded question but how to charge.?
Hourly or by the job?
Material included or extra?
Any help would be appreciated.
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Its all over the map, depends on the type of job, work situation, what customer wants, whats normal for the industry or customer type . . . etc. etc. Lots of prior discussions in here on the subject if you scroll through the post titles or use search. Being new I'd stick with a time & material approach till you get a handle on the work, how effective your system is and what its best suited for, etc. Lots of stuff to learn before you'll have enough knowledge to bid jobs properly, its the old learning curve and you are at the beginning.
Thanks Sand Pot,
I will take a look for past threads.
We currently own a landscape company and are looking to blasting as a separate business.
Probably not the best time to get into the business.

Here in New Jersey, Long Island and Philadelphia area bunch of guys have gone out and bought blast pots and are undercutting everyone.

Prices have falling by over half and these new guys are doing it for below the cost of the materials just to get experience.

Its crazy.:bangin:
Thats one reason I stick mainly with boats, its a niche market that takes a careful approach that the get the dough and blow guys don't have the patience for
Re: New Guy

The dough and go guys are all over the Island here and you should see the damage they cause. I think I should get into fiberglass repairs....
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