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Hey everyone my name is Jonathan Seawright.
As a teenager I did a lot of part time construction work.At sixteen I worked with a friends dad doing carpet and wood flooring.I went on to do other jobs like maintenance at a hotel.At twenty I started working for a vinyl siding company.We did more than just vinyl siding we also:replaced columns windows and doors.I did that till I was twenty four; after that I started working for my father in-law(paint contractor).I was only able to work wit him for a few months work slowed and he had to let me and another guy go.

This other guy is now my business partner.We thought with our various experience we could make a good team.We were handing out fliers when we saw a mutual acquaintance who is a licensed contractor.We've been working for him and ourselves since Jan. 2008.

I've been fortunate that everyone that I've learned from has been very good at what they do and didn't accept any half assed work.

So that's me in a nutshell.
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