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New Guy On Block

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What Are The Basics And The Definite "no-no's" Of Bid Offer Conracting? If I Want To Serve As A Middleman By Taking Bid And Offers From Buyers And Sellers, What Are The Most Important Tips?

What Are The Most Important Maxims To Remember?
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While you apply thease basic rules, keep in mind 'you da man'

Always, durring negotiations, make some one whip you up some food.

If they have pool or hot tub, use it.

Stay the night, and be sure to fall asleep on the couch sorounded by beer cans with the TV on loud.

If they have a daughter above 18, smack her on the a$$, If under 18, give her your phone number and tell her to call you on her 18th birthday.

The last is the most important, so never, and I mean never, flush.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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