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I've been reading some great stuff on this site for quite some time now, so I thought I better introduce myself so I can participate a bit (I don't think I have any knowledge to offer that the gurus here don't already have, but I'm good for a [email protected] comment every now and again).

I have been into the remodeling side of things for about 10 years now. My small company of myself and a couple guys does everything related to the carpentry stuff and I sub out pretty much everything else. I love building room additions and tying in the old and the new to make it look like the house as a whole was designed that way from the get go. I also really enjoy building decks, gazebos, and other outdoor structures especially when the weather is nicer.

I am somewhat savvy with the technology side of things using Chief Architect, Decktools, and AutoCAD 2008 to help me design and sell, but I am far from a master at any of those programs. I don't use Quickbooks or any other accounting software, but I do keep detailed records in an excel spreadsheet that I can hand off to my accountant at year's end.

Being a carpenter by trade and not a natural salesman, I have been learning a great deal by reading the posts on selling. Most of my selling knowledge has come from a variety of "...For Dummies" books up to this point, so CT is a welcome source of new info (and my eyes appreciate the fact that this website is not wrapped in a coat of bright yellow).

Well, I've rambled on long enough. Hopefully one of these days I'll contribute something useful. Look forward to seeing you guys around.

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