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What's up guys?! My name is Matt. About 2 months into the license app process. So just waiting for final approval on the experience (which now they ask for W2's and 9 years worth of pay stubs,lol) and testing dates. And I hope I'm not upsetting any of the sticklers for registering as a contractor here, (as no option for pending license to check off) while still waiting for my license. Figured I'm out of pocket enough to be too far to back out now.

Been reading the hell out of your posts, learning all that could stick. Love this site and the wealth of knowledge that pours from its pages....almost feels as if I'm cheating with all the experiences you guys are any search button input has a days worth of reading!!!!! So I thank all you heavy posters!!

So now onto the rest. I'm 37, been in the construction field, both residential and commercial since I was old enough to hold my dad's hammer. He was also a general contractor. Worked with him until out of high school. Did steel framing, drywall and suspended ceilings for about 12 years in commercial construction. Did custom cabinetry for 6 years, held a business/handymans license for the last several years to cover myself for small side work while working with a general contractor buddy for an income. I have helped with many kitchen, bath, remodels, roof tear offs and new installs, been doing door installs (that fit within the confines of my handy mans license) for the past few months as well. Recently finished my own kitchen remodel, build all my own cabinets, doors, re framed the floor joists to support a tile floor (my floors were originally done on 4' centers.....granted, 1.125 thick ply, but damn....) and so on and so on.....

I am happily married,to my best friend, for 6 years now as of today, 4 kids, 18yrs, 15yrs, 6yrs, and dogs, no cats, but one hell of a tool

My wife and I decided now is as good a time as any to get this show going. Already have more tools than I probably should, but with the recent truck and trailer purchase, figured it was time to step up my game. So I welcome, from all of you big dawgs, any support, criticism, and comments you feel you'd like to share!:)
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