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Hello everyone! I just stumbled upon this site and really like it. My names Taylor and I'm from CNY.

Some background information on me, I'm currently a Assistant Project Manager for a Commerical GC, I just graduated with a bachelors degree in Construction Management. Throughout college I worked for a sprayfoam contractor and learned a lot there, I spent a summer building houses with a locl guy who unforunately passed away and that is why I'm not currently working there. For the past few years I've worked for a roofer on the side and have experince doing many things. After summer is over I may go out in to the field as a carpenter and start working my way to being a superintendent.

I'm hoping I can learn a lot from this website about running your own business, even though I work commerical I plan to start my own home building company within the next 5-10 years. Currently I'm working on growing my customer base with the side jobs I work. Many people I know in my area who are begining to stop doing side jobs due to age and families and what not having been passing work my way and I hope to grow off of this.
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