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Well, there is no doubt most people in the construction business have been notably impacted over the past 18-24 months. Me being no exception I have more time to research information in an effort to make myself and company more competative and hopefully be able to ride the storm out.

I work as a construction manager and general contractor having been involved in major commercial projects over the past 10-years. Most of this work has been in the private sector. Recently, we have started to focus on more public sector work as a subcontractor in the framing, drywall, and ceiling trade. Most people in my company have worked in the trades or ran their own company at some point so returning to self-peforming work is going back to our roots so to speak.

Nonetheless, I hope the ContractorTalk is another forum whereby we in the trade can share ideas and help one another when we step slightly outside the box in an effort to stay innovative and more importantly, stay in business.

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Welcome to CT.

This is a great site, and very popular. There is the usual rough-housing expected from a bunch of construction guys like us, and the site is heavily and fairly moderated IMO.

Take the isolated barbs you might see or get with a grain of salt and you will enjoy it.

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