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New from New Jersey

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Hi guys, my name is Stan. Been lurking around here for a while and decided I'd finally introduce myself.

A little bit about me. Started in the construction business at age 12(summer job) working for a GC doing Add-a-levels and additions. Continued part time every summer until I was 19 when I made it my full time job. Worked full time, while finishing college at nights up until I was 23. A few months later, I decided to try out the family business and left the construction trade completely, except for some weekend work and a lot of work on my own house. Now I'm 29 and have realized that I'm unhappy with my current job, and carpentry is what makes me happy. So I'm in the process of starting my own remodeling company. :thumbup:.

This site seems like a great resource and hopefully I can contribute.
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Hello and welcome.
Hey now!
welcome Stan we need more nj guys here:thumbup:
I was about to ask, where about in NJ, but I see you filled out your profile with a good address....that is always a good
welcome aboard... there are starting to be quite a few NJers here.
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