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I'm new to this forum but I have posted a lot on other recreational forums and understand how it works.

I am the owner of a small Drywall company call MN Wall Systems. I went on my own a little over a year ago. I have worked here in the Twin Cities since i first started as an aprentice in 1998. Working for one of the biggest contractors in the area in the past years, and I feel i have learned from the best in the trades. Since i have been on my own I have found out as many do it is a struggle just trying to get on my feet and getting work. I mostly refer to "C.L." for work, but as we all know there is a milion other guys out ther just like me trying to find work. I have come to this forum and Drywall talk to gain more knowledge and to learn as much as I can about the buisness aspect of things such as, bidding, material costs etcetra. Thank You, and all your help will be apriciated.

MN Wall
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