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New from Florida

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Good morning everyone. Hope all had a great Christmas. I'm Dan fom Monticello, a little town outside of Tallahassee Florida. Had a home repair & improvement business that dealt with cosmetic improvements way back in the late 80's & early 90's. ( paint, carpentry, wall covering) Business progressed to the point that customers wanted me to do things that required a contractors license, so I went to work with a local contractor, thinking that I'd stay there long enough to get my "experience" so I could satisfy Florida law...and ended up staying over 14 year.

Went from lead carpenter, to superintendent, and finally to project manager. Got my certified builders license in 05' and went out on my own August of this year. Yea I know.....tough times to be stepping out, but what are contractors if not extreme optimists. So that's a snap shot of me. I've enjoyed ready some of the posts here at CT and hope to be a positive addition to the site. Ya'll have a great and safe New year. Dan
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Welcome to CT.
Welcome aboard Dan.
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Joined in Oct and just now making a first post?

Welcome to the forum.
Don't be shy, jump on in.
Welcome from Santa's Little Helpers in Tallahassee, FL.
We can always use one more! I also feel your pain, the bottom dropped out around here about 3 yrs. ago.
Welcome to CT Dan. Florida has been hit hard for sure. Let's all look forward to a better 2010... Especially if any of that TARP money ever finds its way into the local rural economies instead of our government bureaucrats!

Welcome, I hope it's a little warmer their than here in NY.
Welcome, I hope it's a little warmer their than here in NY.
Not today. :whistling
Welcome to CT Dan, wish I was there. :thumbsup: 30 below today with the wind chill.
Thanks everyone for your warm welcome. I wish it was warm around these parts but we've had low temps in the high 20's low 30's all week. Of course it gets up to a skinny dipping 54 yesterday. I'm not sure how you folks from the Northern states function in the cold. I guess you learn to adapt. well, I've got to go check on my crew...yep, only one, but at least I've got one! Hard to get things done around all the holidays, but a country boy will survive. Stay safe, warm, and snuggly...and watch out for the crazies out there.

Welcome to the Forums.
We got a cold spell here in Orlando, how about you ?
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