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Things to consider for a floor in a kitchen -- water, water, and water. I never recommend wood floors of any type (solid or laminate) in a kitchen. Some laminates do have an activated glue on the edges that you wet as you install it and they claim it will keep water out. But... how many kids will have water fights in the kitchen with the new sprayer? I think tile in a kitchen is a must, but watch out for stone. Stone is porous and tomato sauce, wine, etc. will stain it if you don't seal it properly and often. Just make sure you prepared the subfloor before you install tile. I make sure the subfloor is at least 3/4" thick, then nail backerboard (1/4") every 6 inches on the entire floor. I use a mortar with a latex additive already in it, for a bit more flexibility in the mortar. Make sure to seal your grout before your first big cooking party.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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