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New Female Erosion Control Contractor from Florida

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Hello Everybody!

I am a new contractor in Largo, Florida. I am trying to forge my way through the difficult world of marketting ;) I am a civil engineer not a marketer! Thank God that my sister has experience in business management. I am glad that I found this community and that there are other people out there that understand.

Thank-you for making this site! :clap:

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welcome Monica!

I didn't know female erosion was such a problem:laughing:
Hi! Just down the road from you.
Thank-you for the welcome!


Thanks for such a warm welcome and yes there is a serious problem with female erosion :laughing:

I find that in the wonderful world of construction it seems to be more benificial to be upfront about my sex :)

I know that there is a serious problem with erosion on construction projects and everyone should be concerned about our very fragile planet. We just want to help the environment while protecting contractors from the EPD.

Thank-you for such a warm welcome and have a wonderful day :thumbup:

Erosion control is a very important aspect of the building process where I ply my trade it is often over looked by builders that are in to much of a hurry
I work mostly around lakes and of course the lakes are always down hill

I learned from a very good tree man (rest his soul) how to properly set up one of these jobs. These lakes are very well protected and if you have a problem people are going to hear about it.

First we would selectively cut the trees that are in the way of the excavation and chip the brush and stock pile it on site.
than I would set up silt fence between the construction and the Lake
we go from property line to property line or 100 feet past the construction also along any near by sidelines that gives all the treads a good idea where not to trek. This is than back mulched with the chips from the trees
I would much rather have the neighbors think the site is well protected than the other way around.I've seen a lot eroded sites after a 2-3 inch rain storm
after the tree guy hauls off the timber he saws it up on his mill and brings back the slabs we use these to warp around the existing trees so the excavator does not scar them. of course being lake side in New England we probably keep trees closer than most sites.We hold these slabs in place with that orange snow fence so the excavator and dump truck operators can see them easily.
this whole process takes maybe a day to set up and less to remove for what is sometimes a year long job and leaves a beautiful looking site.
I'm sure the care we show leads us to other year long jobs
Welcome!! Largo here too :thumbup:
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