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New dude here!!!

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How's it going guys? I'm a 22 year-old dude from California. I'm a student and I've been working with my dad(carpenter), since I was 14. I'm out on my own now, along with my bro, and we're looking to build our resume and portfolio. We're also going to be working on getting our license as well. I'm glad to have joined CT and I'm sure that by being here, I'll learn a lot. Here is a pic of the last project my dad, brother and I did:
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Why would a dude pick chocolatecamil as a user name, sounds strange. Maybe I'm too manly.
Haha, "Chocolate" is my favorite skateboard company and Camil is the name. I've been using the tag for years at other forums so I just stick to it!

Why have you left us hanging?

Maybe Mr. Hand was right about wasting "my time"!

Please come back!:party:
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let me shred some cabinet work for you.
I'm still here. Haha, no reefer for me!!!! Thanks for the welcome guys!!
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