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hey all

I have been in buisness for going on 8 years in july,always commercial work,never residential. I have worked with the same three builders the whole time(one to start,and of course the others came as time progressed) but they have been good to me and kept me almost to busy. Since i have made myself a little shell with them that i am comfortable in,i have never needed to look for work. Specializing in metal stud framing/drywall,acoustic ceilings,and insulation isn't common to much here in Maryland..but all office buildings get it,so therefore here i am. ANYWAY,getting back to my question. About a month ago a gentleman who owns a design/build firm asked if i would be interested in doing all his interior work(apperently word of mouth spread somehow)framing and hanging walls and ceilings for him. now,i have four guys and we work pretty good togeather,but again were used to what we do and we know what is expected of us from the question is,would any of you change your area of work after years of the same thing if you are comfortable with what you have? i guess im asking if it is worth taking on a residential customer after years of commercial(im not a huge fan of 2x4 framing)? any feed back or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks :cool:
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