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new cordless nailers

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I was at a tool shop the other day and the owner was saying to me to hold off buying a paslode, as apparently the original maker of the paslode has a new cordless nailer about to come onto the market in a month or so.

Anyone heard of this? having purchased the senco fusion in the past, I am really hesitant on new technology.
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What's your beef with the fusion? I have one myself and don't love it, either.
I was a paslode fan . for years I used them for everything. had 4 or five.
Then they changed the design and the gas cartridge. harder to keep clean and working and the gas prices doubled.

I should also say for framing not finish.

Back to dragging hoses until something new is proven reliable.

What's the fusion all about ? is it reliable ?

Frame or Finish ? guess I'll have to google it..
I have the senco fusion 15 and 16 gauge finish nailers. Couple of the worst tool purchases I have made. Both have been in shop twice for not firing and when they do fire they rarely set a nail. Expensive dust collectors at this point.
the fusion was a huge pos. loose in-accurate safety? that thing that presses against the wood before firing. It was huge. Mis-fires. Battery issues, so much so that they did a warranty on them. Unfortunately I didn't find out about that until it was out of warranty.

Yup, it was a dust collector. I sold it to a buddy for basically the cost of a battery. He knew all about it's problems, and I think he sold it to one of the guys that he works with.

It was a 15 gauge finish nailer.

I am currently 1/2 way through a 1k crown install, and I am sick to death of dragging the hose/compressor around, that's why I am looking at a cordless 16 ga. angled finish nailer.

I've read that Paslode has been reliable for years, and I've tried to get the new model but it isn't available in Canada. Why? no one knows! LOL

It might come down to me driving down to Bellingham or Seattle and just buying it.

BTW still looking for a copemaster, anyone from Seattle north to the border who has one that they want to sell, please let me know.

you can pm me for details on my phone # etc.
Also on the fusion the tip will mangle crown when installing. Beyond frustrating.
The only issues I've had with the fusion are with hardwood mouldings. For FJP, which is the majority of what I use, I don't have any issues. I hang doors and install, casings, base and crown with the fusion all the time. I hate the tip design, but not dragging a cord is worth it.
It is light and comfortable to use. Mine is just not reliable. I am back to hoses and/or my dewalt 18v trim nailer. It's heavy but reliable.
I have the 16g fusion. Sometimes I like it most of the time I hate it. I use my pasloade when I have alot to do and the senco for small things.
I tried a pasloade and it was a beast. It would work great one day and the next day would not work worth a crap. I bought new fuel cleaned it and nothing. Had it servicd would work a few times and then went in the bin

I have the dewalt now no complaints
I have all the paslode nailers in my truck for small daily jobs. They are so unreliable for production work however. My paslode brad nailer had been in the shop for some time im in no hurry to pick it up lol. The framer has been great, its just too slow for big jobs.
Never liked the paslodes for trim. Slow, unreliable , if oiled enough to keep working blow oil all over the trim, slow. Plus the cost of gas.

I've wore out a couple of the Dewalt ones and if they release a 20v I'll pick one up right away. Really the wear item is the ball/rubber band for the driver return.

I'll stick with air for anything more than a single door or a couple pieces of base.
My cordless nailer is a hammer, it works great.
When's the last time you installed 800' of crown moulding with a hammer?
My cordless nailer is a hammer, it works great.
He must work by the hour
When's the last time you installed 800' of crown moulding with a hammer?
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I'll let you know the next time I pound in over ten nails in a week.
When's the last time you installed 800' of crown moulding with a hammer?
Nail guns have spoiled me, I had to nail off a few dozen 16d commons by hand into some Parallam last week, and I was cursing :censored: away the entire time... :blink:
So why do you guys carry those shiny new Stilettos if you never use them? :bangin:

You don't have one yet?:blink:
So why do you guys carry those shiny new Stilettos if you never use them? :bangin:

Dewalt 20v baby!


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