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New Co what vehicle

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I am starting a plumbing service co. I wanted to use the dodge sprinters they look extremely practical although the pipe rack would be quite high. Has anyone had any experience with these any feedback would be greatly appreciated


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here in sweden some that have sprinters ( or other brands) has the pipe rack on 1 of the side
Why not put the pipe rack inside? No worries of the end cap coming off, no corrosion either. I keep all my PVC conduit on a shelf under my bench in my trailer, i also have a space for ground rods and another slot for wire mold. I know a trailer is different than a van but you could still utilize the space in a similar fashion.
I'll agree with putting the conduit tube inside. I had mine inside my Ford extended cargo and loved it. The sprinter should be long enough to accommodate 10' lengths. Another thing I have seen done if you have the hitop, is make a false floor and put pipe under it. I know there is a pic somewhere, I will find it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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