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So... since I am gathering evidence against my old bank for a number of criminal charges, included larceny, and embezzlement.... :whistling

I needed a new bank. I first checked online... then decided to just 'drop in' on my way home from work one day at Lake Shore Savings bank...

OK so for those of you with less than 500 transactions per month... you get...

No Minimum balance.
100% FREE checking acct
free debit card
online banking
and, their partnered with M&T Bank, Evens Bank so you can use their ATMs to get cash, with no fee..

The bank has an excellent debt to asset ratio... 481 million in assets, 360 million in debt... :thumbup:

And I am currently working with the bank (it has only 11 branches) to see about setting up a system to split deposits without the added work from us... for instance, say you do a job for $100. with tax its $109. the bank would take your check, deposit $99 into your checking acct, and then the other $10 (10%) into a business savings account... on all company deposits... and do it automatically... currently working with a branch manager on that one... :laughing:

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I have been with M&T for a number of years....I think they treat me pretty good, but I do talk with the tellers and the bank manager frequently at my branch. They know who I am and what I do.
I don't just go in and hand them deposits/transactions and walk away like most of the public does.... I try to build relationships, it works out well for me.

I used to go to a bank that every week the same teller would ask me for ID to cash/deposit my paycheck, I'm talking every Friday for a couple years.....I will never set foot in one of those banks again....
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