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I got no degree in buisness or marketing, but I know how day work. I don't even know the difference in gross and net profit, but I know what's monies left after I pay my bills is called mine. To get more leftovers, it always starts with one big event. MY PHONE RINGING. Once a potential buyer calls me I can usually close the deal if I want it. Lately for me my phone ain't ringing.
I've learned a lot through this site and the friends I made here. Great stuff.
Detail marketing plans where to advertise and all the new exciting adventures available through the computer world.
Now I'm looking for a exciting new way to reach a new market out there.
I've notice all the hype lately going on about our newly elected executive officer Barack Obama and all the new directions he's taking the country. To be honest it's all overwhelming and gets a lot of free press. Free advertising wow. That's not my point here. My point is I've watched a new anti movement take roots and become a power to be reckoned with. For lack of this movement taking a formal title it's known by many as the Tea Party.
I want to tap into that movement marketing plan. Recently a republican candidate, Scot Brown has cashed in on something similar to what I want to accomplish. Scot in a very short while has become the leader in the polls that show him winning the empty seat that Ted Kennedy left open in the great commonwealth of Mass. That's not a small undertaking filling Teddy's seat with the oppositions party.
Why can't that work for me!
I want to advertise my deck building company as being ANTI GREEN, and not sensitive to any form of voluntary mandates that are fraudulent and politically correct which can't benefit my bottom line, AND PAST THESE SAVINGS ON TO ALL MY LUCKY CUSTOMERS. Let all my green competitors charge more, for all that green crap. The times are tough and it time for tough to get going. This marketing approach can't hurt me my phone hasn't rang in 6 months anyway.
Thanks for your time the microphone is yours.

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swimming against the tide is always unique but more difficult.......did you ever see how ugly salmon get by the end of their swim?:whistling

Ride the wave and capitalize off the free customer hook.

Unless you think there is enough customers that aren't already brainwashed?
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