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New 10,000 Sq Ft ICF Home

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We're hoping we'll finally get the footings in the ground after Thanksgiving for a new 10,000 sq ft ICF home. My partner and I were hired by a big commercial roofer to build his new home, and then expand his business to include GC'ing while specializing in ICF homes. My partner is the owners son-in-law, who has been working for him for a number of years, but hates roofing, so he's giving him the opportunity to do what he really enjoys, which is new construction home building, and ICF. They hired me on as his partner, since I have more knowledge on the interior finish end of things, and he has more knowledge on the framing end of things. Once I figure out how to get the drawing files small enough to post, i'll get them and some pictures posted of where things are at, and what we're hoping to end up with. I'll try to keep updating this throughout the project.
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whats ICF?
Styrofoam (sp?) forms that lock together almost like legos and then get flooded with concrete
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