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Hey guy's Just checking in. Maybe you'll get a laugh outa this story. all true!

One of my long time friends has place near bethany beach del. We have our long time girlfriends with us hanging out, we decide to play strip poker, chicks-V- guys.

So the game starts, and the chicks don't even know how to play poker, so we give them the gist of it:whistling, basically every hand they get they lose, of course we lose a couple for show. Now in our devious minds we hadn't planned on the chicks actually learning the intricacies of poker so quickly, or at least till we got them disrobed, anyway at the beginning of the game one of them had a straight, ( we were also combining hands to make the best five; our idea),which seemed like a good idea, because the girls were beating our asses, not good in hindsight. anyway we tell them that three pairs beats a straight----So I am down to my underwear as is my buddy and We catch the straight ... and of course the girls have ..three pairs.

Just so this post still in the right category; a good multiplier for doing whole house drywall 5.00/sqft of floor area. e.g. 2000sq feet floor area =10,000.00-- quick estimate, variables understood.

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Jeez Louise! You play it the wrong way.

Everyone strips to begin with, then you get to put something back on when you win a hand.

This way, NO ONE can cheat.

Oh, and square foot pricing fails misarably for electrical.
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