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Now, how do I go about knowing how many sheets of sheetrock I need to bid this job out? I don't need prices (how to price each sheet put up, finished and etc)... I just need to know what process you guys go through to price a job like this... it's a ranch house, about 2,000 sq ft. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Measure all wall and ceiling square footage, divide that number by square footage of panel (4x8 = 32 sq/ft, 4x12 = 48 sq/ft, 4x16 = 64 sq/ft.). Take into account corner bead, screws, adhesive, 10-15% extra drywall for cuts, etc., joint compound, etc.

Once material list is organized and costed, figure cost for labor, hours x $X.XX/hr. Add both together and you get a number to show the customer and they either laugh at you for it being too low and greedily accept or laugh at you because it is to high and slam the door on your face.

Or, as some of the more veteran members will tell you....

tree fiddy.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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