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Need your opinion...

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I turned my company project budget sheet into a webpage, and I think it could help other contractors out when doing a budget/bid sheet. The site has not been "prettied" up yet but it really has only been online for like 30 mins.

Let me know if you find this tool useful at all or let me know any of your reviews/suggestions, good or bad.

BudgetandBid .com


PS I am a member on this site I just wanted to use a different screen name for this purpose.
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I promise this is not spam/scam just a simple website from a fellow contractor that I think could be useful for some of you guys.
Way too basic to be of any use.
Like others said, way too basic. Try something like the attachment. I don't remember how I got it but the name of the guy who wrote it is at the bottom.:thumbsup:

EDIT: List credit goes to
Thanks for the input, I am just messing around with the site. I do think it could be useful when writing a bid for a simple project. I also think it is a huge step up for half of the contractors out there still handwriting bids. I do enjoy messing around with websites and stuff, what would you guys like to see from a website service that could help a contractor out.

Thanks Guys
Thanks for thinking of ways to make life easier! keep at it you just might end up being the next, quickens or 'takeoff' spreadsheet tool...
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