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need some respirator advice

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Hey all,
I'm just a part-time sandblaster, mostly just my own tired iron (tug boat, cranes, etc.). And I am using 30 grit sand. I know, I know....

I can get a positive pressure unit respirator, a MSA Optimair very cheap. It's the kind with the little blower unit up on the mask, a particulate HEPA filter and the batter pack down at your waist.

So, would this do an adequate job? I see the full head units, but I don't have a thousand bucks to spend.
thanks for any advice.
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A good Clemco, Bullard, or Nova Blast hood does not cost a Thousand Dollars. A new Nova with a Cool Air Tube would run you under $400.00. That is under half of a Thousand Dollars. Your MSA PAPR probably cost you that or more.
Thanks for the info, I didn't realize they were that cheap. Still, for now, even those prices are outta my budget. I can get the MSA for less than a hundred and am wondering if this unit will keep my lungs safe from silicosis. Thoughts?
The best advice that I can give you is to stay away from using Silica Sand. Other than that, that will have to be your call. The MSA is not for abrasive blasting work so using it for that purpose is on your call only. If your going to be doing abrasive blasting then you need to get a Abrasive Blast Hood. And all manufactures of blast hoods will tell you the same, "Stay away from Silica Sand".
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I have been in a tight and had to shoot coal slag with only my papr on what I thought was going be a soda blast job,
The problem is that you are just going to tear up anything other than a blast hood. After your plastic gets etched you wont be able too see.
Buy a nova hood and be done with it. You also dont have to worry about the seal breaking when you look up and down reposition etc. Positive pressure hood is the safest way to go in my opinion, not to mention when its hot that cool air tube blowing sure helps.;)
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Thanks for the good advice, you guys. I'll start looking for a hood.
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