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need some pro advise

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Short bio...

We are a small "family" type construction service company that now has 10 employees. We specialize in high end trim carpentry, kitchens, mantles,...ect.

One of our best accounts has been with a custom home builder in the area; It's been a long relationship.

The last three homes we did this year were...I'm making a long story short: We suggested that we bid the paint package to make things easier for us and him. Not the lowest, but we got it.

The home is new construction, specked with cashmere trim (raw poplar), and aura on walls. We are rolling walls and ceilings, spraying prime on trim, and prime and finish doors with a new 5 stage hvlp.

Need advise on,
-best primer under cashmere on raw poplar and pine doors.

-some input on hvlp, this is new to us...I've used compressor guns on automotive and to me.

-I've used aura, cut and wait...we have crown in 80 percent of this home...great advantage...still would like to hear rolling advice.

-Cashmere... should I spray first coat after primer before install, or brush both finish coats? Not sure if filling nails can be done that way. Sand between all coats, or just primer?

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123 latex by zinnzer I find works best.

yes sand in between coats if you dont it will feel like 220 sand paper.

cashmere can be sprayed just fill nail holes before you paint:thumbup:
I didn't know there was an enamel in the cashmere line of paints. The aura shouldn't give you any heartache but I would be wary of the cashmere. Definitely shoot a junk door and see how the paint behaves. I've always had good results with an airless w/fine finish tip and a little (very little) extender like floetrol.

The two characteristics on the trim paint I would look for are quick cure (is it hard the day after or soft gooey and peels easily?) and sandability. A latex paint won't powder when sanded so if you get a drip it can be a pita.

Much better to do a tester than shoot a whole trim pack and have a surprise!
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Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for yours.

We have our ceilings done, first coat of Aura on walls...46 gallons on two floors, no basement yet. This paint impresses me every time I use it. The home is a major remodel to the original floor plan...we had the original walls "bumped out" in a few rooms. I was concerned about flashing from the original walls to the new rock. We knocked down the original paint with 80 grit on our pc. One coat of aura came out sweet.

The Cashmere is water borne, were brushing the trim. Just started spraying pro-mar 200 primer on it with our new capspray 9900...sweet machine. The doors will be finished w/hvlp.
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get some door hangers and you can spray the doors horzontal and stack the dors to dry. other wise hvlp is good but you usually ahve to thin the paint.
I no longer use my HVLP's. I find an airless with a fine finish tip gives me the finish AND production I'm looking for.

get some door hangers and you can spray the doors horzontal and stack the dors to dry. other wise hvlp is good but you usually ahve to thin the paint.
I love the door deckers..... :notworthy


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I was going to buy some of the door deckers this summer and the paint companies in the area stopped selling them!

Do they know something I don't know or did they just never catch on in my market?
yes door deckers that's the name. i have them and use them just couldn't remember the name.
Thanks for the replies. I need to correct myself on saying this home is new's a major remodel with 8 weeks left to give the home to the new owners. Demo started last October.

Those door deckers would be sweet, I have about 70 pine slabs and a two car garage 24' deep to work with. We decided to buy the hvlp for a few reasons...concerned about over spray, glass finish on doors, and future jobs that involve stains, lacquers and such on cabs, balusters, built-ins, ect. We were planning on buying both the 440 and the capspray...decided on the hvlp because we are rolling and brushing. After two days of spraying prime on raw poplar, I am impressed with the laydown, lack of overspray, and only using two gallons on 4k ft of crown and casing. Unfortunately, I am only 1/4 of the way through the trim package.

I have access to a 440 through a friend, and I'm thinking of taking him up on his offer to try it. Which fine spray tip do you suggest for the doors?

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with the right tip and pressure overspray is at a min. i usually spray doors in a 1 car garage.
use a Graco 411 or 311 tip for doors and trim, be sure to get the correct filter
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