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Need some pictures of interior

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Sooo this is a strange question but I did a finish out a couple of years ago where we did a dark wood from with white painted doors. Looked really nice as the doors were a rounded top plank style door. The trim was custom 1x8 that we routed a simple round-over on the wall. Stained in a dark mahogany. I definitely should have taken pictures but I didn't even think about it. Now it's out of the question as the house has been sold and I don't even talk to that builder anymore.

Has anyone else done ANYTHING similar to that? I see a lot of it done the other way, dark stained doors with white trim but I don't see it much the way the builder had us do it.

The only reason I'm asking is because for my own remodel at my house we are considering it but I can't find any pictures to show my wife. She won't bite on it until she can see it and I'm not about to chunk down that kind of cash to do something she isn't going to like. Can I get any help on this??
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google the address. Maybe there are realtor photos
Or google street view. I can't tell you how many hours that's saved me.
google the address. Maybe there are realtor photos
Knock on the door and explain to the new owners. Worst thing that could happen is you are in the same place you are today.
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