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need some help

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hey guys im new to the ct i need so help i own a small framing company and i got a little nissan truck and im tired of having to unload and load ever thing in the bed got a saddle tool box but it only fits the hand tools and my impact and drill need some ideas how to store my stuff
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How much stuff does one need to frame?

I have a saddle box.
Contains: corded circular,multimaster,sawzall,drill/impact combo,jigsaw,24,32& 48" level,framing square,hacksaw, rotorzip, a couple of cords,clamps, 3 hand tool organizers and a couple of pouches. The top tray has holes saws,drill bit cases, step flashing & other stuff.

I could loose a few of these tools in place of nails guns if I were a regular framer. I think you need a bigger truck than a Nissan. A van is obviously more storage but I like driving a pick up and having the bed for debris and other stuff.
Okay tell me why making a pick into a van by putting a cap on it is better than a van?

Inquiring minds want to know, is it how it drives or what?
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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