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need some help

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hey guys im new to the ct i need so help i own a small framing company and i got a little nissan truck and im tired of having to unload and load ever thing in the bed got a saddle tool box but it only fits the hand tools and my impact and drill need some ideas how to store my stuff
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Enclosed trailer? Camper shell or several big tools boxes that you can attach to the truck and put locks on.
c i thought about the cap and trailer but im leaning more towards the cap but i just dont care to much for them cause when my old man ran the show thats what he used and i just hated crawling in to get what ever i need and it always seems to be clear in the front
Vans work the best for framing in my opinion. On larger jobs, we usually have a gang box on site and store our cords/hoses/nails in there. We use a cable with a padlock for our picks and ladders. I have owned pick ups, vans, and box trucks. Never had a trailer. Just didn't see it working for our situation.
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Okie has it with a shell. The pain is that you have to crawl in and out to get stuff. that's where a bed slide/pull out comes in handy. I worked out a Nissan hardbody for 7 years now I have a Chevy Express 3500 van. I miss the truck only for dump runs and 4x4, I don't miss having to crawl over all my chit to get what's up front. Check Craigslist for a deal, sometimes you can find them on there for free.
alright hey thanks guys
They make shells with doors on the side as well as the rear. Makes it easier for grabbing stuff out of it.
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How high is the top of the bed? If it's a 2wd older Nissan, about waist high at the bed rails, you can reach more than half way. Get a cap with doors on the side. I like caps that are flat with the top of the cab so you can mount ladder racks.

We have a roofing truck that has a ladder rack and crossbed box. Granted it's a Chev 3500 dually, but still - the crossbed holds a couple of saws, several nail guns, and several (small for roofers) nail bags with basic hand tools. And Javi's truck is a wreck - not well organized at all.

I'd bet with a little organization you could fit everything you need for a 4-6 man crew in a little nissan with a cap.
thats the game plan so far but its four wheel drive so itll be a little harder to reach the center but im sure i can come up with some ideas
There is hope for your little truck! I drive a 4x4 Toyota Tacoma for work, I have a lumber rack and canopy with flip up windows on all 3 sides. I do remodel work and am always loaded up with almost any tool you'd need to use from demo to finish trim. There are some things I only carry when I need them for sure. I have long arms and can reach/unload/load everything from the outside, almost no matter what. I also riveted hooks and tie straps up to the canopy frame(it's an aluminum top.) so I can hang air hose, extension cords, framing squares, extra saw blades, etc where they are out of the way. It took me a long time to figure out exactly how to load the things in my truck the most efficiently, but anyone could do it with a little thinking. Sometimes I wish I just did framing, I could skate through with my tool bags, drill/impact kit, air compressor/guns, hoses/cords and worm drive saw 90% of the time! I could drive a car at that point:laughing::laughing::laughing:.
Put a sliding deck in the truck and put a cap on it. You just unlock and pull the deck out like a drawer and get what you need.
How much stuff does one need to frame?

I have a saddle box.
Contains: corded circular,multimaster,sawzall,drill/impact combo,jigsaw,24,32& 48" level,framing square,hacksaw, rotorzip, a couple of cords,clamps, 3 hand tool organizers and a couple of pouches. The top tray has holes saws,drill bit cases, step flashing & other stuff.

I could loose a few of these tools in place of nails guns if I were a regular framer. I think you need a bigger truck than a Nissan. A van is obviously more storage but I like driving a pick up and having the bed for debris and other stuff.
Here's my setup. The tray setup is over 20 years old. 4'x6' in an 8' bed. Compressor sits in front.


Okay tell me why making a pick into a van by putting a cap on it is better than a van?

Inquiring minds want to know, is it how it drives or what?
I don't see many vans at the boat ramp......
i just took a couple scrape piece of t11 form the sight and ran a 2x4 up each side so it wouldnt slide around that way all my tools are covered and if i need to haul any mat it only takes a sec to tear down on site
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