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Need qualifier for roofing in Florida

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We are looking for an individual to qualify our company to replace shingle roofs in Florida or to authorize the permit on a case by case basis.

Our business model is 1) unique to the roofing industry, 2)has been in place for three years, 3) eliminates all financial risk to our company and the qualifier, and 4) insures no liens will be filed for unpaid materials or labor.

The potential income (annually) to the qualifier will range from is $12,000 to $60,000 after 6 months.

We can provide references from our customers and sole supplier of roofing materials.

If interested please contact Jim at 863.430.5201 or email to [email protected].
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roofing qualifiers

I have CGC but that doesn't cover roofing. Check this
or search Florida Craigslist
for "roofing qualifier"
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