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Need idea...leaking planter on house

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I have a customer that has a planter on the front porch of the home that is attached to the house, and has a large crack in it leaking into basement. If you can't tell from the picture, the aluminum siding is wrapped around the planter, with the planter being "recessed" behind the siding which is part of the problem that needs to be resolved.

Should I demo the whole thing off? Can it be repaired and re-tucked?

Pics included


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the only acceptable option is to remove it, fix the siding and possibly rebuilding it with a membrane liner, proper weeps installed ect.
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Yeah bad design.... If they demand a band aid I would try hydraulic cement
Demo it and build it somewhere else
Fill it with concrete and slope the cap away from the house... Instant bench:thumbup:

Then give them a flower pot set on top...
If you can't demo it, caulk it. Make sure it's a caulk that can stay wet after it's cured.
How about digging down cleaning the wall, repairing the crack, with hydraulic filler, and then adding a layer of blue skin.
I can tell by looking at it that it is a live crack, so a flexible joint is the only half-assed solution, but the real problem is the design. Remove and replace, and keep it off the wall of the house.
What's blueskin? A membrane?
I have seen the blue stuff on foundations before. It's a waterproofing membrane comparable to tar. Not sure the pros and cons of te blue stuff vs tar.

At least I think it's what he was referencing
Blueskin is peel and stick membrane. By far the most common one I've seen. Here it's like saying Kleenex for tissue

This stuff
What's blueskin? A membrane?
sometimes, you just can't fix stupid...


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