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Need code master slueth for this one.... bathroom related

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I am bidding on a job funded by grant money for a woman with a cerebral paulsy stricken son..........

I am told they will pay for the basic installation of a whirlpool tub unit only without vanity and toilet... (We have chosen the first floor rear enclosed porch)

I am trying to find a code that would preclude me from only installing the tub and make me have to install a vanity and toilet as well. I need justification if I am going to help this lady a little.

Similarly to a code I remember in NEPA that for certificate of occupancy a vanity was required in a bathroom that had a toilet...even thought the kitchen sink was 8' away (ewww, i know) different issue I know but .........
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If this is a seperate room, I don't see why just because it has a tub, the room needs to be called a "bathroom" and also NEED to have a crapper and sink.

Call it a physical therapy room, therefore not a 'bathroom' and not subject to the code requirements IMO.
Should be fine. Most codes are publicatly related, as far as accessibily and such, to the public. If there is a full bath in the house already, your covered. Much like every home is not required to be handicap accesble, its a private domain. All inspectors in this instance will understand the purpose, so just submit your permit, stating what your adding and why. Given that, the simple solution is to call the local plubming board, explain what you want to due, and see if you can get an answer without requiring a plan review consulataion. More than likely they would rather have a tub installed without, toilet and sink, depending on zoning laws,with fear of you later seperating the section of housing for renting purposes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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