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a few questions guys.
1) does cultured stone(the stone itself) absorb water?
2) what are some negatives of cultured stone?
3) negatives of real stone and brick,aside from installation/labor..the products themselves..
thanks guys

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If you are trying to compare the two (real veneer/cultured stone) don't bother. If you have the money go real, if not cultured is the way to go. You get what you pay for. I am not saying that I do not like cultured stone or that it is a bad product (because it is not a bad product) but the two products are not in the same class.

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It of course depends upon your location, the type of natural stone available locally and the particular brand of faux stone. As a rule, excluding granite, faux stone has less absorption than natural. Manufacturer's literature will list the data for their stone if they are a regional or national company. For natural stone, you can sometimes find data on it but will have to infer actual relevance.

Either way, it does not really matter, because the substrate is the actual moisture barrier, not the stone.

Re: Cost. Here in central Texas, real stone sawn for adhered applications is half the price of national manufacturer faux stone.
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