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Need a mason around PA

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Need a point job on this house... Click on the photos to enlarge them and let me know what you think. Ive filled some holes and cracks with cement, but I dont know if that will do the job or not..

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What part of Pa.? It's a very big state. Looks like a rowhome, I'll guess Philly?
Have trowel, will travel.:whistling
Location is Temple PA... outside of Reading PA.Had one guy look at it last yr, said he would get to it this spring... He never called back.. didnt even give me a price so... owell...
Is it ok to fill the joints and cracks with cement or should one use a lime mix mortor?Mud and bricks is all greek to me lol
Should be fine for what it is, as long as the holes/cracks were cleaned out first.

I'd suggest painting the areas once dry, to help reduce the water that gets in there & would weaken these areas. It doesn't look like it was a "high dollar" job, so it should do fine. There is more work that could go into something like this... but sometimes it's not worth going overboard...

Hey, if you're local, give a call sometime to our office, I buy ya coffee or lunch.
I hate to disagree with Matt,
I've seen a lot of old soft brick
deteriorate really fast when the
wrong mortar is used.
My Uncle in law used some sort of concrete sealer over cracks on my shops chimney.. Ill call him next to see what that product was, it worked great.I have a feeling im going to have to just fab all custom caps for the windows, bleh as if i didnt have enough to do already hahaha...If you look at those pictures close, you can see that the windows are not sitting on the actual window sill. Looks to me as if the guy sized the window with crap wood to make the windows "fit"...What a mess =)
Oh yeah,Matt I will drop you a line sometime... Up to you over coffee or lunch.. Kinda feels like a dating service now no? JUST KIDDING roflmao
Matt... you might get a laugh..My wife knows you... Rebecca over at Fromm Electric.. HBA membership drive ring a bell?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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