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Need a Handyman/Carpenter, Savannah, GA

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The contractor I work for is looking for a handyman/carpenter in the Savannah, GA area.

Does anyone have any leads on good guys looking for work?

Independent Contractor Needed

Description: Majority of the work covers small items needed throughout the construction of homes and small commercial jobs. Items like hanging doors, setting windows, installing bathroom fixtures (towel bars etc), light trim and other items needed. Must have tools.

The work is on an as needed basis, but the work will be pretty steady.

Main concern is punctuality and professionalism.

Please do not chastise this post, due to the subject matter or the description of the work. Insight only would be appreciated.

If we were looking for hacks, I would slap the stuff together myself.

Confidential email: [email protected]

Please send contact information, experience, references and/or any other information you feel necessary.
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