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Nebraska Newbee

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How's it going
well, after being laid off my 15 year Advertising job when the economy took a dump last year, I applied to every agencie in town, not a single call back, Fine I say, because I have worked in construction my whole life on the side anyway, plus sitting on my butt most of the day stinks.

So after working for a guy for awhile that was always concerned about "will you hurry up so we can get to the next job" . . . I said no thanks and quit because we are taking too many shortcuts... If we we doing this kind of sloppy work at my house, I would of fired us ! :)

So this past summer I have ventured off on my own.
and everytime I Googled a question about running a business, I would end up here.
Glad to be a part a such a great profession and resource here at
Happy Holidays ya'll
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Welcome to CT, good to have you, GMOD
Welcome to CT!
Welcome and Good Luck

Starting a New business venture is very exciting & scary in the same breath. Good luck and let us know if you have questions!
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