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Hello all,

We're starting our AcryliCLAD training schedule this February 26th and 27th at Duron's headquarters in Beltsville, MD. (We're scheduling March now.)

I'm very excited for two reasons.

First, we have twenty contractors coming to this training course--the largest yet. Fourteen are new NAPP members.

Secondly, we going to introduce and present the sales training we've developed not only for AcryliCLAD, but for use in selling all types of paint jobs. My objective is for every contractor to leave this training with techniques to enable them to sell their services easier, and at higher profit margins. Obviously, the AcryliCLAD information is well cover too.

In the training we have outlined how to sell a paint job in a good, better, best scenario--or better, best, depending on the situation.

Allow me to extend my thanks and appreciation to Duron once more for their support and assistance. It's adding to contractors businesses in a positive way.

For those individuals who may not be aware, Duron or NAPP is not charging for this training and is open to them as part of their membership. The only cost to the member is for their travel related expenses.

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