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Hi Guys. I am new the group and new to painting. I have been painting for a living for the last 8 months. I have 100's of questions...a lot of them have been answered by reviewing the information that has been provided by group members. Thanks.

Questions for you. What nap size do you commonly use for flat surfaces, latex paint, interior work? I usally use 1/2 inch. I have tried 3/4 but it leaves too much of an orange peel effect. Any of you use 3/8?? Do you find a difference between more expensive roller sleeves vs. cheaper ones??

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I usually base the nap on the type of paint. For something thin and silky like duration, I use a 1/2".....Like PWG said though, sometimes it will leave ya dippin alot..However, if you DUNK the roller, spin it once or twice on the grid, then sling it on the wall, a 1/2" will work just fine. The only time in these cases I would use a 3/4" is on 9' plus high walls cause ya can't get enough for a whole strip on the wall, 3/4 is the only thing that will hold enough to do high walls. :cool:

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Mostly 1/2
Sometimes 3/4
Absolutely the better quality sleeves make a big difference
Yes they are usually more expensive
I always have some "throw-away" sleeves on hand, but I really don't like using them
In a case where I don't want to wet a new sleeve, I'll use a good one that's been cleaned a few times rather than a cheapo
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