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John Hyatt
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Just to bring up an old thread.

Caring the nail gun with your fingers on the trigger. It's a bad habit I did for years. Until working on an upstairs project with a layer of joists under arched 2x12 s that made up the roof. I was installing the curved members with a 16 nailer stepping over each joists carrying the tool with my right hand on the trigger.

Freak deal but as I was taking a step I hit my foot with the nose of the gun. The nail countersunk into my boot , thru my big toe, and came out an inch or so past the bottom of my boot. My Foreman sized up things,grabed a crow foot nail bar, used it as a nail set, and drove the nail back out far enough to pry it out of the top of my boot with the nail bar.

It was pretty cold that day so the blood thickened quickly. I finished off the day not wanting to take the boot off.

Never Again. Now with my crew its the first rule I lay down before handing them the nail gun. Don't carry the thing with your hand on the trigger.

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