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nail gun repair

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I am wanting to start a nail gun repair business. Does anyone have any information that would help me find tips, videos, parts numbers etc.? I haven't found any schools for training yet. I have repaired a few guns on my on and it doesn't seem to complicated but I'm sure I will run into some :censored: eventually. thanks,:eek:
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I started repairing a bunch of my old guns. It isn't hard once you do a couple. It did take me some time of searching on where to get the parts and what not. I have a couple of sites bookmarked that have parts breakdowns and part numbers. I will try and post them when I get to that computer. I found that the senco and paslode sites actually had good prices on repair parts and info.

On another note, I'm not sure how much business you would get repairing guns. When I posted about repairing guns most people on here said they just buy new since it's not worth their time to repair. I decided to repair becuase it costs anywhere from 20 to 50 bucks to rebuild a gun and I do it when I have some free time, have it down to about 30 minutes to rebuild and clean gun. So if it costs you 50 in parts and you charge for your time and profit I'm not sure it would be worth it verses buying a new gun and not having to wait for you to fix the gun. Just something to think about.
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around these parts, guys either do it themself in the evening or take it to the paslode store as not only will they fix it they will provide you with a loaner for free if you dont have a second gun to use
just about every manufacturer has an exploded view of their nail guns online. Maybe you can gather up information pertaining to the most popular models, price out the parts, and offer an overhaul service with a loaner.
Pneumatic pistols are under repair very easily and quickly. Excellent business! Order spare parts in direct suppliers.
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