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Mystery Marble

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Hello all. I need some help figuring this out.

I have a customer who went to the Emser showroom and found a marble tile he likes. I'm certain I can get a better price elsewhere but I cant tell who the wholesaler/importer is. They claim its an Italian marble. I have a dealer that gets me great prices but I would have to provide the manufacturer and model name.

At Emser its called
Crema Marfil Classico
Color: freemont beige
( - marble)

Any tips on how I can locate this tile without Emser or is this product exclusive to them? They say its usually in stock.

Any good or bad experiences with Emser?

Thanks for reading fellas
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I did some tile work in a new construction condo. The builder supplied a Crema Marfil tiled shower and floor but the HOs wanted the rest of the MB tiled after they closed on the property. I went through the trouble of tracking down the original supplier and ordered the same Crema Marfil through them. While close, it didn't completely match.

Lesson is, unless you are getting all materials in a single lot, the chances of natural stone being identical, even from the same quarry, are very slim.

When working with natural stone, I always get extras (more than normal). It you get a change order to install more tile than contracted, you can get screwed with matching.

I agree with the suggestions of just sending your customers to your supplier and see what they can offer them.
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That seems in the ballpark. If you start getting too cheap, I'd fear you're now buying junk marble. Have you ever seen overly filled stone? :sick:
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