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No, if you happened to see the picture I posted with the shed built into the garage. This is right next to it
Oh my God! You may have some tall 'splaining to do at some point!

I'll bet you a dollar 2 a donut the shed/garage guy will be over to tell you how to build it this one right...

Well, good on you anyhow.

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Nice bro, congratulations.

I am jealous , haven't built a new custom since 2011 other than a cottage.

Take a lot of pics.

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bdavis466 said:
I was just wondering. That looks like one of those houses where the plans don't quite match what is there and require a bunch of changes.
It's got a ton of changes, about half the roof will be re framed, adding an addition where the deck is above the kitchen, the garage will be a master sweet, and a new garage on the back. The counter gable on the front will be torn off and re framed, some under pinning, a new deck, front Porch will be about 8' to the left of its current location, and an addition in its spot for a mud room
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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