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my introduction

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Dear colleagues,

Sorry to have gotten off on the wrong foot on this site.

I am a registered architect in Ohio. This is not my real name nor is Velvet the real name of my firm. I found this site by accident while searching for any online discussion I might find about my topic of concern - the infamous slab floor extension to a framed floor room discussion of which has been locked. I appreciate and respect the site administrator's wise decision for doing that. And am writing this post to backtrack a bit and establish myself in a more proper way. I have posted some pdf's of design drawings of a house addition that I am currently developing under the thread of photos of the week.

I have nearly 30 years of experience mostly in private practice and most of my work is residential with the remaining being various commercial, industrial and institutional projects. Including retail, office, medical, educational, child daycare, restaurant and food service and more.

I know that architects and contractors do not always get along but in my practice I have always had the greatest respect for all trades executing the work and it has always been my practice to seek ideas and advice and to talk things over with the trades in an effort to improve the product- owner satisfaction - and to reduce the turf aspect of the work relationship. Sometimes the effort pays off and sometimes not but then there are all sorts of people out there.

I wonder if there are any other architects who visit and participate in this site ? Are there many contractors here who work with architects on a regular basis ?

Thank you for allowing me this introduction. I look forward to valuable exchanges of ideas and information and am hopeful of discovering valuable relationships.

On the matter of the slab....

Normally I would specify that the addition have a crawl space with dried lumber to be used for joists abutting the existing floor to minimize any differential in floor levels. In this case a valued client has been advised by a contractor that he has for less money successfully built such extensions with slab construction. I know my client's needs are genuine and his budget truly limited so I am trying to explore this approach as thoroughly as I can before approving. So again would ask anyone who has faced such a situation for their input.

Thanks again,

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Thanks for the intro

Not enough information

do you have a drawing to post?
you are adding on to a house with a full basement or crawl space existing?
is existing basement wall CIP or block? If crawl space same question.
what is TOW below the 100 level?
what is the addition you are adding? Living space to living space or garage to living space?

Thanks for responding.

Do not have a detail drawing to post at this time. I'll try to work one up for posting shortly. Meanwhile let me try do explain further by description and also for reference will post the floor plan that I have.

The space with addition is to be used for living space. . We are extending the room by building a new 12' extension - demo'ng the existing exterior wall.

The existing space is over a full basement (12"block). Height above grade is 20".



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