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My Hummel headaches

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I have a 8 inch Hummel belt and I'm about to send it off a cliff. I used drums for years, and bought this recently on a reccomendation from a friend.

I've put new ( it's used by the way ) drum, belts, fan system, tention wheel, roller assembly and wheels all in the last year. It seems I have to walk , or should I say crawl with this monster to not have it chatter my floors...but the trouble in that is the extreme dishing out ...this is a very aggressive machine.

Am I missing a proper setting to kill the chatter? I've experimented with 45 then straight cuts, going quicly, slowly, not using the heavy setting, or not using the fine setting. I never let the bag get too full, and I stop about every 1/2 hour to blowout around the drum and roller in case there's any build up.

It murdered an American Cherry job, so much chatter..thank god I have a UFO and sandiong discs.

ANY suggestions from people familiar with this machine would be greatly appreciated. There's nothing more frustrating than knowing how it should look, but not having your machine cooperate.

Thanks !