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I need some advise.

I built this small building behind my house, and wrapped the framing:

•first with 1/2" OSB,
•then wrapped the OSB with paper,
•then topped the paper with 1/4" wood panel,
•finally I wrapped the panel with paper to give me time to decide how to:

1. fix the spaces in the panel sheets ( im a horrible panel fitter, gaps to 3/8" in some spots )
And of course the nails (which on occasion failed to "enter the wood" fully at the head and instead rest flush with the panel exterior.

2. I need something to weather proof the wood/filler. I was hoping to do stain because i like the look. Beyond that I want whatever last the longest with the least headache and maintenance.

As a whole the project has been like a chinese buffet, "I thought i was hungrier than this" :no:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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