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My first curved staircase

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Turned out as good as I could have hoped. Didn't have any major or even minor problems. I think it turned out as good as it would have had this been my 100th staircase. The only thing I would have changed is that it starts out as a straight staircase and then transitions into a curved. Probably with a little more headscratching I could have figured out a consistent curve the entire way, didn't really anticipate the change in pitch(from straight to curved on the inside edge), but it turned out looking good none the less.[email protected]/ Every stair was a different size, as the one side wall is squared off. This adds a nice touch and extra space for more than one person to use the stairs.

P.s. got one picture of a mudroom in there. I built pull out drawers with wire rack bottoms with heat vents coming through each unit to dry out mittens and boots.
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Looks great, what is the variance in rail height between the curved and the straight section? Were you able to keep in code? Most inspectors in my area have no idea what the code on handrails is so we are able to fudge a 1/2 inch here and there. Also good job on keeping your ends square, most ppl gave a serious issue with twist in the rail and it is really obvious at the post until you learn to over bend correctly.
I don't care if that was your first or 100th; that is very nice work! :thumbsup:
Thanks people, I did not overbend, didn't have a problem with spring back. It was a bear to get it all clamped down, and I was glad I had practice on doing the sub-frame or I never would have made it. I should have done a complete dry run on the rail, as I was scrambling, but still managed to pull it off. There is no difference in rail height (well, possibly a half inch) I had to cut the rail at the change in pitch to change the heighth in rail. It is not noticable unless if you are looking for it and even then you have to be looking from just the right angle. This was poplar wood, the only kind I dared use. I put five coats of varnish on it and it looks like it will hold up to abuse.

P.S. I did attempt some overbend, but it was too hard to work with. I was able to move it some when attaching it to the post.
Wicked Pissah Dude:thumbup: After all the hack work I've been seeing lately nice to see the job of a craftsman.
Really hard to judge the time it took. There were some delays waiting for materials, waiting for glue to dry, etc. I really didn't keep track, but I worked on it with the attitude that everything had to be perfect. Spent a lot of time sanding, although it was not difficult work. If I had to price it out next time I'd probably set it at 160 hrs, including the framing. I'm sure I had more time into it than that, but a lot of time was spent thinking about it. It was actually very easy once I had it figured it out in my brain. I found something on-line that helped a lot, however it wasn't very specific and didn't give any advice on potential problems. Fortunately I've had enough experience with bending (although never a rail) to anticipate any problems.
Nice work.
I know what a PITA a straight stair case can be.
It sure does take a lot of clamps huh?

Great job and thanks for the pics.
Good Job!! We do alot of those and I know what time and effort it takes to make it come out nice
Great work! Thanks for the pics.

I'm thinking..."damn!....I hope I get a chance to do that sometime in my career!...well done, you should be proud!
NICE Fing job man that looks amazing!! Got clamps!!
Nice man, I'd love to be on a project like that.
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