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It all depends what you want your blog for!

Do you want the blog as a way of informing your customers?

Do you want the blog to help your website gain rankings?

By attaching a blog to your domain it really is acting as part of your website and this is good in the essence of content. As the more content you add to your blog the more content is getting established with your website. But it will not help to increase pagerank.

However if you want the blog to give power to your website it is actually better to create a seperate blog all together on a unique domain and different IP etc from your website. You then link it to your website and then this way it actually helps to build up the pagerank of your website.

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The main question I ask people when they talk about building a website or blog is this...Why are you doing this...what's the purpose.

There is this illusion out there that if i build a website (or blog) that this is somehow going to fix all my problems and customers are going to come running to might site.

In actuality if you but a blog up and do not maintain it it can actually hurt your business.

Blogs can serve a number of purposes, helping your visitors learn about your products and services, gather leads or help boost your site in the search engine rankings.

Another thing...blogs do not have to look like blogs. We did a test for one of our clients.

One of the best things you can do is build a list of potential customers by giving away a free report...

The 7 Things You Must Know Before You Buy a Pool

People are starved for information...give it to them. Spoon feed them what you want them to know about you product or service.

Best of all...once you set up your blog it only cost you a little bit of time to keep it updated.

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