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Some time ago there was a post regarding battery replacement for an Mutoch PG-05 drafting head.

If this is still a mystery to anyone who has one of these let me enlighten you on how to change the batteries out.

Its as simple as it is cunning.
Don't pull the head apart looking for the power source you wont find it!

Place the heel of your hand on the Mutoch logo on the drawing head and with a little down pressure rotate your hand anti clock wise.
If the plastic insert does not move you have too much pressure, try backing off and have another go.
The plastic insert will rotate about 90deg and come out , reviling 4 AA batteries, as I said cunningly simple

Check all contacts because the batteries may have been there for some time and corroded the terminals.
Don't panic if the spring contacts have snapped off or are missing , roll up some ali foil and form a contact to each of the neg ends and your away careful to keep the foil within the contact areas.
Good luck and happy drafting :clap:
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