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My name is Bill
I am 22 (sorry like to brag about it) I ran my own roofing business in Iowa for the past couple years and did very well. I have recently moved to the St. Louis area to install solar which is much easier than roofing and pays much more. Anyways I have been paying attention to the roofs here compared to Iowa and it's a whole different story. I live around a bunch of home depots and what not now instead of dealing with local lumber yards. For one why do people run the shingle past the eave instead of leaving the traditional 1/4 inch overhang. And two who is doing these roofs I have been on several and most are crap and less than ten years old. I feel sorry for the people paying thousands of dollars for a job done by someone who doesn't care. I have seen much more success being in my situation where the customer knows that the roof is being done by the person guaranteeing that this roof will last. Which is not a good thing because I should not have to sell the roof and shingle the roof because of the past history of roofing company's. Any ways I felt like rambling

P.S Look out St. Louis roofing companys
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