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Move a couple of lateral lines?

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Basically I'd like to move 2 of my 5 lateral lines in my drain field. Would like to remove the two A and add the two B lines.

This will let me put a shop up in a more ideal location.

Never messed with septic systems. What should I look out for? I'm out of the city limits but imagine I would have to get the state environmental quality board to approve it.

Land is clear and flat. Percs well and I have a lot of room to move it in that direction.

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Here's a picture to show what I'm talking about. You can see the shop would be sitting on the two southernmost lateral lines.

Ignore the sidewalk running right over the tank. Have to figure out another path there. :whistling

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why ask here?

hire a septic guy...let him figure it out
Because I want to do it myself and save money

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Your DEQ/Health Dept. etc, will likely want to see engineering on your proposed plan.

You may not be saving the money you think you are by self performing.
Dirt/Septic guys are very fast at this sort of thing. They have all the toys necessary and the knowledge of how to do it.

Building over abandoned leach fields will present another set of challenges.

Good Luck...
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around here, you'll need a sptic engineer to do a design.

You can do the work if you have a septic installer license,( FEE )
You'll also need a permit.

Do it right, If you go to sell or transfer ownership or new mortgage,
they may catch it, then you SCREWED
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Because I want to do it myself and save money

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You won't save anything if you have to pay to have it redone.
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